keep our kids safeReady Set Safe is a one-stop-shop for all your child safety products as well as the best sound, practical advice for keeping your kids safe, happy and healthy.

We guarantee that we have the lowest prices around for kid’s safety products and are proud to offer you with ‘Price Match Guarantee’ just to prove it. We’ll save you money AND keep your kids safe at the same time!

A parent's watchful eye is ALWAYS the best form of safety but it's impossible to be there all the time. We'll show you how to keep your kids safe, give you reliable, reputable advice and provide you with quality assured products to help you keep your most loved ones safe and sound. Prevention is better than cure so we've compiled the best ways to make it easy for you to keep your child safe BEFORE you need to cure. 

We pride ourselves on customer service and look forward to helping you soon and invite you to ask us safety questions and/or queries you may have. 

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