Mag Lock - 4 Locks, 1 key

Mag Lock - 4 Locks, 1 key
Manufacturer Dreambaby
The Ultimate in Cupboard/Drawer Security. Out of sight, Out of mind. The Mag Lock™ Magnetic Locking System is hidden inside the cabinet. It can only be released with the use of the powerful Magnetic Key.
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The Mag Lock™ Magnetic Locking System is the Ultimate in Cupboard/Drawer Security.

The Lock is hidden inside the cabinet and, once installed, it cannot be opened without using the powerful Magnetic Key.

How Does It Work?

1. Install the lock on the inside of the door, cabinet, or drawer with 4 small screws.

2. To open the lock, hold the magnetic \'key\' in front of the lock and it will disengage - allowing you to open the cabinet as normal.

Put the key out of reach of your children - on top of the fridge for example - as even if they work out how to open the drawer/cabinet with the key, if they can\'t access they key, they can\'t open the door!


Mag Locks can be used to secure cabinets, cupboards and drawers and is great for use in every room of the home.

This product is also great for grandparents, as the lock can be disengaged using a special disengaging clip when grandchildren are not around.

Mag Locks can be installed through most materials including wood, plastics, laminates and ceramic tiles.

  • Top child care centres and hospitals around Australia rate the Mag Lock as their Number One product for securing cupboards, drawers and doors.
  • One key opens all Mag Locks around the house.
  • Other packets available with one and two locks.
  • Additional keys may be purchased.
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