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Children's curiosity adds many levels of joy to our lives as we watch them explore the world. That same curiosity leads children to open bathroom cabinets, put small objects in their mouths and peer precariously from windowsills. Childproofing your home is a must!

REMEMBER! There is no substitute for watchfulness. While safety equipment and preventative action are important, it's more important to mould the behaviour of your child as she grows, teaching her to avoid dangerous situations and object rather than always using safety barriers or precautions.

START EARLY. Practise preventive safety from day one - or even earlier by taking a first-aid course before your baby is born. For infomation about this course, phone your local St Johns' Ambulance centre or go to www.stjohn.org.au.

We've got some fantastic Fact Sheets on a whole range of topics from safety around the home to raising your children, from pregnancy tips to parenting. Click here to have a look!

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