• Never leave a young child unattended in the bath, not even for a few seconds.
  • Place nonskid decals or a mat inside the tub to prevent slipping.
  • For extra safety, position a rug, a blanket or a couple of thick towels around the bath and change table and the cot to provide some cushioning in case your baby falls.
  • Keep the bathroom tiles/floor dry and use a rubber backed cloth mat so that feet are thoroughly dry before walking on bare floors.
  • Always keep a hand on your baby when changing her or preparing her for her bath. Never leave her alone on a change table.
  • Install an anti-scald valve on the hot water heater to keep the temp below 120 degrees. Alternatively, reduce the temperature of your water heater to 45 degrees so that if your child accidentally turns on the tap while in the tub, she won't be burned. Another option is to purchase Tap Covers that are very hard for children to get their small hands around, let alone squeeze them hard enough to turn the tap on.
  • Put a lid lock on the toilet to prevent toddler drowning.
  • Store razors, medicines soaps and cleaning products high in a locked cabinet. Medicines in general should not be stored in the bathroom because the heat and humidity may affect their potency. Store them in a locked cabinet in the linen closet or other room.

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