Water Safety

For children ages under five, drowing is the major cause of death.

At least one young child drowns every week in Australia

Half of these die in backyard pools, with toddlers aged one to three most at risk.
The most important thing we can do as parents to prevent drowings is to always watch kids closely around water.

  • Keep any receptacles filled with water securely covered adn out of reach of little children.
  • Fence your pool or spa and then check the fencing/gate locks regularly. Check with your local council on regulations on fencing.
  • Place a cover or mesh over any backyard pools
  • Be aware of any ponds, lakes or water-filled areas at parks or friends' houses.
  • Always empty wading pools after ech use and store upright.
  • Learn water safety as well as how to perfom cardio-pulmonary resusciations (CPR).
  • Swimming lessons will not 'waterproof' your little ones. They still need to be watched at all times.
  • Never expect an older child to look after a younger child.

  • Always empty the bath out immediately after use.

  • Always stay with younger children while they are bathing - being able to hear them is not enough.

  • Don't leave filled nappy-soaking buckets within reach of children.

  • Keep the bathroom door shut when not in use. Use a safety gate to prevent unsupervised entering.

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