Is Debt management a problem?

Debt management is one of the biggest problems that we can face when dealing with money. Mostly it is because we continue to spend more money than we have. At other times, it may be due to the wrong actions of others. Debt management issues always bring much stress and worry.

Money also causes many temptations; sometimes when we are lacking money, but other times even when we have enough. We can be tempted to steal money from our place of work. Or to take bribes. Or to cheat the tax system. Some people may even consider selling their own bodies. But what may seem a small thing to start with, will make it easier to take more next time. It is a down-hill slide.

‘Peer pressure’ also causes us to want more money. We feel that if others – our ‘peers’ – have things, we are under pressure to have them also, so that we do not seem different. This is equally true in poor societies as well as rich ones. And every day, we see adverts telling us that we can only find happiness through buying that new material thing.

Gambling in the hope of more money is a big problem in many societies. Today, most countries have a National Lottery. Everyone would rather hope for the ‘big one’ rather than setting up a sound debt management plan. Gambling is like a drug – it is addictive. It spoils lives.